One who may die but will not perish, has life everlasting. «Pamyat» funeral home

«Pamyat» funeral home

The book of condolence

It's no coincidence that our funeral home's name is "Pamyat" ("memory"). We see our civil duty towards the society in preserving memory of our fellow-townsmen, who have passed away.

In "The Book of Condolence" (or, in other words, "The Memory Book") section you may place obituaries and condolences, concerning the departure of the relatives or friends, as well as notification on the 9th and the 40th day since the day of death, on anniversaries and days of remembrance.

Send your letters with obituaries and notifications to:

You may place obituaries via filling a special form on the site. We continuously work to immortalize the memory about our countrymen. But the information about of them isn't sufficient. For this purpose, "Pamyat" funeral home on charity basis has organized publishing of its own paper "Oberegaya pamyat" ("Keeping memory"). "Oberegaya pamyat" - is a paper for you, and its main purpose is to perpetuate the memory of those, who are not with us. It's within your power to immortalize the memories of the deceased, close and dear for you. We are ready to help you with this. We ask you to send to our editorial office your proposals or memories of those people, who, as you think, deserve to be told about on pages of our and your paper.

You may send your letters with memories by E-mail to:, as well as by post: 400107, Volgograd, Karl Liebknecht st., h. 2a.

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