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Funeral services ante mortem contracts signing (Karl Liebknecht st., h. 2a, tel. 36-59-73)

When choosing the place or type of the interment, the ante mortem will of the deceased is always of first priority. The relatives may make decisions concerning these questions only if the deceased hadn't left any written directions about it. And their decision doesn't always coincide with what the defunct wanted when alive.

To help citizens in this issue, "Pamyat" funeral home provides possibility to make an ante mortem contract concerning the funeral services. This form of a direct will has a legally binding nature, and is aimed at fulfilling all the wishes concerning the departure in the way you wanted. Our specialists will help you to choose the variant of the ante mortem contract which suits you most, which will include various lists of funeral accessories and services. Along with that, you always may make modifications in the contract, as well as in the list of services.

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