One who may die but will not perish, has life everlasting. «Pamyat» funeral home

«Pamyat» funeral home


Headstone studio of "Pamyat" funeral home (Karl Liebknecht st., 2a, tel. 36-62-91)

For ages, people have been making memorials to retain the memory of a close person. The tombstone installation conforms to our national traditions. One can rarely come across a grave without a tombstone or a grave marker. Even families that have to cut and contrive, try to install a worthy tombstone on the defunct's grave.

Our qualified specialists, who have a great experience, will make tombstones of high quality of granite and marble. You may also order and install any headstone made of other materials.

For those who wish to develop individual design of a headstone, we provide services of the professional architect-designer. The studio also offers a list of services for the already installed headstones, for example, grave facing, inscription making, and headstone restoration. You can also make an order for production of a fence on burial places, including highly artistic smithery made of various materials.

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