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«Pamyat» funeral home

Grave care, burial site search

Grave care and burial site search service of "Pamyat" funeral home (Karl Liebknecht st., 2a, tel. 36-62-91)

The state law leaves the defunct's relatives responsible for caring about the burial site. Otherwise, the grave may be declared ownerless. Lack of effort and time, a considerable remoteness from the places, where the family and friends lie, often makes it impossible to care about the burial site of relatives and friends. The graves left without care fall into decay, get overgrown with weeds, the fence becomes rusty, the tombstones and gravestones dilapidate, deteriorate, and wear out.

If for some reasons you do not have possibility to visit your relatives' graves regularly, if you do not want the places, sacred for you to be neglected, you may put these concerns on our shoulders. The service of burial place beautification makes a contract with a person, according to which, the grave is properly cared about. Having once concluded a contract, you shouldn't worry about the state of the grave for a long time. You are guaranteed regular burial site cleaning, flowers laying on memorable dates, control over the state of burial site with regular photo reports, which may be sent by E-mail or by post. The calendar of cleaning and flowers laying dates is agreed, when signing the contract. The specialists provide services of landscape design, burial place decorating with funeral floristics.

Our service receives orders to care about the burial place from any human settlement of the Russian Federation, as well as from foreign countries. Everything we need from the relatives - to send us the information about the burial place and contacts. After receiving the order, we will send you (by E-mail or post) a contract, concerning the burial place care, for you to coordinate and sign.

If you don't know for sure, where your relative is buried, but you suppose that he is buried in Volgograd, you may point out all the information about the defunct you have in the letter. Our agency will conduct search of your relative's burial site in as short time as possible and will inform you about the results.

In case of further signing the contract of the burial site care, the search of the grave is conducted FREE OF CHARGE.

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