One who may die but will not perish, has life everlasting. «Pamyat» funeral home

«Pamyat» funeral home

Choose, order and buy a coffin in Volgograd

Any funeral arrangement, as a rule, begins with choosing a coffin. According to ancient legends, coffin is an "eternal" habitation, the last home of the deceased. That is why relatives and friends should care about the coffin to be comfortable for the defunct and to reflect his ante mortem status.

To order and buy a coffin, the customer should provide the following information: the dimensions of the coffin, its material, textile, and furniture design, and also express his wish about the shape and type of the product.

"Pamyat" funeral home has unique coffins made of finewood with relief ornamentation, which have luxurious interior decoration, made of velour and velvet.

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