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«Pamyat» funeral home

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"Pamyat" funeral home is always ready to help those who need it. Charity is an important part of our everyday work.

The funeral home financed construction of the orthodox temple of Iosif Astrakhanskiy on Dimitrievskoe (Central) cemetery of Volgograd; The funeral home also participated in construction of Armenian church.

In the nearest future an orthodox chapel will be built on the cemetery of Dzerzhinskiy district.

Many other charitable projects are implemented with the participation of our funeral home and "Pokolenia" charitable foundation.

We always remember about those who ended their life journeys. That is why keeping the memories is the basis of our funeral home charity.

Unfortunately, neglected graves can still be met in Russia. A special pain is caused by neglected graves of veterans of the Great Patriotic War. They shouldn't be left without our attention. That's why, when paying debts to their memory, we voluntarily assumed commitment to care about the graves of the war veterans, as well as the honoured citizens of our city.

The workers of the funeral home clean the memorable places and burial sites of the deceased (the fallen) participants of the Great Patriotic War and the honoured citizens of Volgograd city free of charge, they also restore headstones, dedicated to the memory of the heroes, the most famous and prominent Volgograd inhabitants.

We continuously work to immortalize the memory about our countrymen. But the information about many of them is missing or it's insufficient. And we can't do this work without your help. That's why we think, it's very important for our citizens to learn as much as possible about their fellow-townsmen, irrespective of the fact, were they honoured or not. You know, each of our relatives has a story of his own. For this purpose, "Pamyat" funeral home on charity basis has organized publishing of its own paper "Oberegaya pamyat" ("Keeping memory"), which pays much attention to the topic of holding the citizens of our city in remembrance. You may read more about this project in section "The book of condolence" of this site.

Unfortunately, in our city there are no old, pre-revolutionary, pre-war cemeteries left after the battle of Stalingrad. But it would be unfair to forget about those, who had lived on this land formerly, and whose graves were lost. That's why, "Pamyat" funeral home has made a decision at its own expense to erect a memorial-symbol to all the inhabitants of Tsarytsin-Stalingrad-Volgograd, which had been buried in Volgograd in different periods of its history. It's unveiled on Central (Dimitrievskoe) cemetery. Here you may pay respects to deceased family and friends, whose graves are lost.

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