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«Pamyat» funeral home

Photo gallery of fences, crosses, and benches

Here you can find the photos of fences, crosses, and benches, offered by "Pamyat" funeral home. To get additional information or to make an order of a certain model, specify its article (it is indicated when you move the mouse onto the photo).

(+) Crosses

Cross 1Cross 5Cross 21

Cross 101

(+) Fences

Fence B1Fence B10Fence B3

Fence B6Fence B9Fence OK1

Fence OK11Fence OK14Fence OK15

Fence OK5Fence OK8Fence EN5

Fence EN6Fence BK04

(+) Benches

Bench 1, 2Bench 4, 5Bench 6

Bench SKK1Bench SKK12Bench SKK17

Bench SKK26

(+) Tables

Table STK1Table STK14Table STK21

Table 1, 2Table 11, 12Table STK8

Table 5, 6

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