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Headstone design project

Headstone 3D design is a necessary element of a good headstone design project. 3D design reflects design in three dimensions. 3D tombstone design enables the designer to see his project "in stone" early on the stage of projecting. The software used by our designer-architects enable the client to see the tombstone from any angle, the source of lighting can also be placed everywhere, showing different effects of lighting.

3D design allows you to see how the tombstone will look like right at the stage of projecting

Design project variants of one and the same complex

When ordering a tombstone from the catalogue, you usually do not see the result, and it is difficult to evaluate the whole view of the tombstone. When ordering 3D design of a grave marker, you may see several variants of its location on the burial place from any angle. You may choose the variants and combinations of stones, the way of stone dressing, choose the position and size of the inscriptions. It's as if there is a finished grave marker made of stone in front of you.

Simple changing of the combination of materials may cause amazing changes, without mentioning the shape and size. Various colour combinations, shapes of the tombstone, and variants of the burial place decoration (location of the flowerbeds, fence, tiles) - these are the advantages of 3D design.

On this page there are placed photographs of 3D grave marker project and lower you can see the photo of a real tombstone made according to this project. In spite of the fact that the photos are made from different angles, it is clear, that 3D design gives exact presentation of the future tombstone.

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