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Cremation unit of "Pamyat" funeral home (Karl Liebknecht st., h. 2a, tel. 36-62-87)

Cremation is a type of burial, accepted in many countries. This type of burial, nowadays also provided by "Pamyat" funeral home, has a list of advantages in comparison with the interment into earth.

Cremation is also a burial, but in another way. The ashes of the dead body are either committed to earth, or are placed in a columbarium. The difference is only in the period of the remains mineralization: it shortens to one hour from 50 years.

Quite often citizens wish to gather the remains of their relatives buried in different cemeteries, or even in different cities. The urn commitment to earth gives possibility to organize "multiple burial" in existing graves. The urn can also be transported from one city to another, from one country to another.

When choosing cremation as a way of burial, the relatives of the deceased are provided with the privilege to select the place of burial, including old closed cemeteries, and, first of all, central Dimitrievskoe cemetery. There is a well-developed infrastructure with security service and video surveillance. There is a possibility to bury several urns with ashes of the family members on a standard section of such elite cemetery as Dimitrievskoe, in other words, it is possible to make a family burial ground, which will be used by the next generations of one family. The ashes of the deceased family members from other cemeteries may also be transported to this ground.

Thanks to cremation service, it's possible to make a family burial ground, where the ashes of all your family members will lie. In accordance with the relatives' desire, the urn with the defunct's ashes may be placed into a columbarium. Volgograd Dimitrievskoe cemetery has "Wall of Memory" with cineraria, which occupies central place near the entry. It is easily accessible for visiting at any time of the year. All other cemeteries of the city also provide central places for urn burials, depending on the choice of the defunct's relatives.

"Pamyat" funeral home crematorium furnace conforms to all applicable standards in the sphere of environmental protection in the Russian Federation. Today it is the best in the country according to the ecological indexes. The crematorium furnace is equipped with modern and effective filtration system. The process of cremation is carried out in automatic mode; special structural units eliminate the possibility of mixing the ashes of one defunct with the ashes of another.

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