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Pamyat funeral home

Funeral repast halls, wakes, and their arrangement in Volgograd

Funeral repast halls of "Pamyat" funeral home in Volgograd (Volgograd, Karl Liebknecht st., h. 2a, Voronkova st., h. 82a, tel. 36-62-95, 45-01-38)

Funeral repast is an essential part and closing stage of burial ceremony. To make the funeral rites integral and complete, "Pamyat" funeral home provides possibility to arrange a funeral repast in specially equipped halls, used exclusively for their unique purpose. They are never used for entertainments, the atmosphere of mourning reigns there. Each of them is designed in a mourning and solemn style, provided with video equipment, enabling to carry out demonstration of films and photographs about the defunct, accompanied by the audio. The halls allow holding funeral repasts on the day of funerals, on the 9th and 40th day from the day of death, anniversaries, and remembrance days.

The funeral repast halls have their own cookery and bakery. The food is prepared only with the use of filtered water. The menu of the funeral repast halls is compiled according to the religious and national traditions when holding the repast.

In case of need, you can order off-premise catering to the address you point out, or to the burial site on the cemetery.

"Bar & Tearoom"

Near the funeral repast halls there is a "Bar & Tearoom", where the defunct's family and friends can meet to pay tribute to the close person after visiting the burial site.

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